Get Ready to Experience the Volvo On Call System

Volvo On Call system

The Volvo On Call system represents the next generation of automotive technology, allowing Billings and Lockwood to exercise control over their vehicles remotely. Whether you need to unlock the doors, send a destination to your navigation system, or even call for emergency assistance, the Volvo On Call system is available to help. Let’s explore this exciting feature in more depth now.

Monitor from Afar

The Volvo On Call feature allows Lockwood and Billings drivers to monitor and interact with their car remotely by using a compatible smartphone, with available actions including:

  • Check Car: Access your Volvo’s dashboard to check the door lock status, fuel level, maintenance schedule, and more. If the doors aren’t locked, lock them remotely.
  • Log Journeys: Send information to your smartphone to see start/end positions, distances, durations, and fuel consumption ratings, then download the detailed data to Excel.
  • Send Destination: Got your destination on GoogleMaps? Just send it straight to your Volvo’s GPS navigation system.

You can also use the app to pre-heat your engine or warm up the cabin of your diesel model to get everything toasty warm and raring to go by the time you come to slip inside. Select models can even be started and climate controlled up to 15 minutes before you leave.

Peace of Mind

Beyond comfort and convenience, the Volvo On Call system offers numerous advances in terms of safety and security, with capabilities including:

  • Roadside Assistance: Push the Volvo On Call button or use your mobile app to speak to an operator and have assistance dispatched to your GPS location.
  • Emergency Support: Press the SOS, located above the central console, to get help right away.
  • Automatic Collision Alert: If a collision is detected, a trained operator is contacted for emergency assistance.
  • Theft Alert: If there is a suspicious entry into your car, you’re alerted, and GPS can either track the vehicle or immobilize it.

Find Volvo On Call Activated Vehicles When You Come to Underriner Volvo

Underriner Volvo is proud to showcase a whole range of vehicles that offer this top-of-the-line technology as standard. To check them out in the flesh, or for any further information, don’t hesitate to contact one of our team members today.