New Volvo Compact Cars are on the Way

June 27th, 2016 by

Volvo Concept 40.2We’ve recently gotten a look at some compelling new Volvo compact cars. While there’s currently not a release date for these models, we were able to get a good idea of what Billings and Lockwood drivers can expect should these stunning concepts make it to production.

The newly revealed concepts don’t tell us an awful lot about the endgame look of the new line of compact cars, but the concepts of the new Volvo compact cars do give us a good idea of what Volvo has planned for the future.

The New CMA Platform

The hype surrounding the new lineup of new Volvo compact cars seems to revolve around the new platform that they will be built on: the CMA platform. CMA stands for compact modular architecture, and basically means that the new line will be more versatile during the design process. This is because the CMA platform allows for scalability and the ability to adjust and accommodate vehicles of many different lengths, wheelbases, and powertrains.

Plug-In and Hybrid Options

These new Volvo compact cars are being designed to be eco-friendly, powerful, and efficient — unsurprisingly, Volvo is developing hybrid and plug-in hybrid options. The new line of compact cars is called the 40 series, and it’s being designed in an array of different sized and shaped vehicles like a small crossover, a wagon, and a hatchback. How many of those see time on the streets of Billings and Lockwood has yet to be determined, though.

Safety, Convenience, and Technology

Of course, Volvo didn’t skimp on the features, either. In fact, they’re planning to take connectivity and convenience to a whole new level with the ability to use your smartphone as the key to your car. There will also be the standard safety and tech features we have come to expect from a Volvo, but with the added promise of some we haven’t seen.

Learn More About the New Volvo Compact Cars in Billings

You may not be able to get your hands on Volvo’s new line of concept cars in the near future, but you can still check out the current Volvo lineup. Billings and Lockwood residents simply need to head down to Underriner Volvo at 3671 Pierce Parkway in Billings, MT or call us at 406-255-2363 to view our inventory and schedule a test drive.