The Volvo Concierge Service is Available First Across San Francisco

December 29th, 2016 by


The Volvo Concierge Service will place an app on your smartphone to let others take care of the day-to-day grind of looking after your auto. Volvo’s clean sense of Scandinavian styling has always combined with first-class convenience technologies, but the concept is now being taken further than we ever thought possible.

The Volvo Concierge Service

The new pilot program will be starting in San Francisco, CA; if drivers are satisfied, we can expect an expansion of services for all Volvo XC90 and Volvo S90 owners. Essentially, the Volvo Concierge Service takes the hassle out of maintaining your vehicle.

If you know you’re low on gas, you can use the smartphone app to order some straight to your vehicle, so it will hold a full tank when you next get behind the wheel. You’ll also be able to request a full cleaning remotely, and a Volvo technician will take the vehicle in to be serviced while you’re otherwise occupied.

The system extends the reach of the current On Call connected car app, through which drivers are able to remotely check their fuel level, lock and unlock the doors, and more. When you use the new app, an authorized user will receive a special digital key, one that can be used for one-time access to the vehicle. The time and location lets them know where and when to go.

If servicing is required, your Volvo can be taken in and worked on before being returned to the original collection point or another point chosen by you. If all you need is fuel, a specialized fuel-delivery company will come to top up your car.

A Montana release has not yet been confirmed, but we expect this luxurious new service to gain traction fast and gather support across the country’s Volvo drivers. In the not too distant future, you could be sitting in your office in Lockwood, checking the fuel-level of your S90 sitting in Billings, then having it topped up from afar.

Volvo Takes Customer Satisfaction Further with their Concierge Service

The Concierge Service is just the latest example of Volvo’s willingness to conjure up new ways to cater to your lifestyle. If you’d like to find out more, or arrange a test drive in either the XC90 or the S90, simply contact Underriner Volvo in Billings today.

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