Volvo Overseas Delivery Option

Overseas Delivery


Experience the vacation of a lifetime.

Have you ever wanted to take delivery of a new Volvo at the factory in Goteborg, Sweden, and then test drive it on Autobahn in Germany? With Volvo’s European Delivery Program you can live your dreams, and take the vacation of a lifetime. With your American passport in hand, you can tour the European Union in style, transverse the Swedish countryside, shoot across the Øresund Bridge, jet through Copenhagen, Denmark, and onward to Hamburg, Germany.

After your vacation adventure, your new Volvo will be shipped securely to the United States within a month. Come into Underriner Volvo and ask about taking the vacation of a lifetime with Volvo’s European Delivery Program.

Purchase a Volvo, Get a Vacation

Purchase any new Volvo within the Volvo Overseas Delivery Program and you’ll discover a truly unique way to buy a car, as well as a truly incredible way to discover Europe.

Here’s what’s included:

  • Two round-trip tickets to Scandinavia
  • A free first class hotel (1 night) in Gothenburg, Sweden
  • Savings off the U.S. MSRP on U.S.-model Volvos (varies by model)
  • FREE Home shipment services to Underriner Volvo

Overseas Delivery Benefits

Choosing Overseas Delivery for your new Volvo certainly has its advantages.

Exceptional value
You’ll benefit from generous savings on the U.S. MSRP of your new Volvo (on most models).
An unforgettable journey
You’ll enjoy the adventure of a lifetime beginning in Gothenburg, Sweden — the place where Volvos are born.
Tour Europe at your leisure
Drive your new Volvo through Europe, anywhere you want, at your own pace.
Hassle-free travel
No rental car expenses. We’ll pick you up from the airport. After that, you’ll be driving your own new Volvo.


Complimentary overseas coverage
We’ll include 15 days of European Car Insurance coverage, including Swedish temporary registration.
First-class amenities
You’ll experience the first-class atmosphere and service at the Volvo Factory Delivery Center in Gothenburg, Sweden.
VIP experience
You’ll enjoy a special VIP tour of the Volvo factory, the Volvo Brand Experience Center or the historic Volvo museum.
An easy-going process
It’s a worry-free experience. We’ll take care of U.S. import duties, customs, port clearance and excise taxes.

How does Overseas Delivery work?

It’s this simple:

  1. Order the Volvo of your choice from your local Volvo retailer.
  2. Pick up your new Volvo at the Gothenburg Factory Delivery Center or at any official delivery location in Europe.
  3. Test your Volvo out on the roads of Sweden, either with one of our spectacular tours or on your own. Then head anywhere you please in Europe.
  4. Drop off your Volvo in Gothenburg or any official drop-off location in Europe. We’ll ship it to your authorized Volvo retailer and take care of all the paperwork involved when importing a car, from excise taxes to import duties.

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